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Paul Roberts has a passion for helping people find what they need to improve their health.  This passion led him first to study pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. After graduating in 1987 he became licenced as a pharmacist in Minnesota and later in California where he relocated.  

Paul worked in a retail pharmacy both as a staff pharmacist and as the manager.  His desire to provide the best possible solutions for his clients led Paul to study herbal medicine.  He became a contributing author to the Natural Medicines Database®, the most comprehensive database of herbal medicine in the English language. His quest for knowledge eventually led him to the University of Bridgeport where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Nutrition in 2004.

This train of study has given Paul a very wide range of knowledge to draw on when considering how best to advise a client on their health needs.  It has led him to share his knowledge on an individual basis and through teaching classes on a variety of subjects including weight reduction, detoxification, diabetes, tobacco cessation, and congestive heart failure.  He also shares his knowledge as a volunteer guest speaker at support groups for people with a variety of conditions.

Recognizing the special needs of the elderly, Paul obtained his Board certification as a Geriatric Pharmacist in 2010. In Paul’s private practice he employs Medical Nutritional Therapy for those with chronic medical conditions utilizing nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

Throughout Paul’s 23 years at Kaiser Permanente, then as an Integrative Compounding Pharmacist, and now in private practice in Santa Rosa, California, he stays on the cutting edge with nutritional and pharmaceutical care for his patients.

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